Thursday, 21 January 2016

15 Peraturan Bagi Urutan Terbaik Untuk Pelanggan

1.  Wash hands before every massage.
 2.  Make sure fingernails are trimmed and filed.
 3.  Do not use cold hands (if necessary warm hands with warm water).
 4.  Take off watches and all other items that might scratch the patient.
 5.  Use a clean room to give the massage in.
 6.  Do not over or under lubricate the patient.
 7.  Put a pillow under the patients ankles.
 8.  Never take your hands off the patient after you start the massage.
 9.  Always massage a muscle that is relaxed.
 10.  Never cross the spine with pressure when you are giving the massage.
 11.  Massage on the opposite side that you're working on when your doing friction.
 12.  Always work toward the head.
 13.  Never massage in a untidy or cluttered room.
 14.  Use good posture while giving the massage.
 15.  Always remember to get feedback from the patient. 


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