Thursday, 25 February 2016

4 Jenis Teknik Mengusap - Effleurage

Bilateral Effleurage

Start at the lower back with one hand on each side of the spine. Go towards the upper back, all the way to the shoulders.

While returning to the lower back go along the sides of the back. To give a deeper massage lean your body weight into the massage.

Alternating Hand Effleurage (Shingles)

Start with one of your hands to the side of the spine at the lower back. Move that hand forward 6-8 inches and then follow it with the other hand. Remove the hand that is in the front and place it
behind the other hand. Do this several tim

es to slowly work your way up the back (to get to the top of the back should take at least 12-14 cycles).


Start with your fingers besides the spine at the bottom of the rib cage. Have one finger inbetween each rib with your lower finger between your last rib.

With your fingers inbetween the ribs follow the ribs all the way down to the side of the back and then return back to the spine. Repeat this all the way to the top of the rib cage. Move up one rib at a time

Nerve Strokes

Lightly run your fingertips all over the back


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